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About Our Festival

Why organise an Antwerp Burlesque festival you ask? Well, just because we felt like hosting a night where everything revolves around the art of seduction, extravagant and sexy outfits, tight corsets, big feathers and spinning tassels. Naughty and exciting!
All this, just to seduce an audience with a beautiful selection of theatrical, sexy, stylish and humorous acts. There's a reason "We tease to please" is our credo for this swinging evening.

Dress to impress

Since the last three editions were such a huge succes, we're going to burn the house down again on 28 and 29 April 2017 with a double trouble fourth edition of the Antwerp Burlesque Festival!
Being able to present this magnificent event at a beautiful location like La Riva brings us nothing but joy! It will be stylish nights, and we'll be more than happy to welcome you. Get ready to be swept away during these evenings filled with cocktail dresses, frivolous evening gowns, tight suits, suspenders and high heels. Dress to impress, and we'll collectively make these nights unforgettable.

Secrets In Lace

Extra thanks goes out to Secrets In Lace, head sponsor of the Antwerp Burlesque Festival 2017. Treat yourself and click on the banner on the left, and maybe you will get a treat from us as well. :)


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Some impressions of our last event.

Meet Our Performers

Who are all these beautiful people gracing our stage with their presence?


YOUR HOST: Dusty Limits

Award winning singer, songwriter, actor and host. Dusty is one of the most celebrated figures in the UK Cabaret scene. Known for his powerful voice and twisted humor, he has performed all over the world from New York to Berlin, all over the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Domino Barbeau (CAN)

Evoking all the glamour, opulence and spectacle of old-Hollywood exotica, Domino will take you on a magical journey back to the epic old-Hollywood & 60’s fantasy films. As an award winning Burlesque star she has performed in more than 20 countries worldwide. Intoxicating and mesmerizing!


Pinup Candy (PL)

Sweet as candy and dangerously addictive. Known as the Queen of the Polish Burlesque scene, and a rising star on international stages and festivals. She is considered as the most exotic burlesque performer in Poland. A beautiful petite pin-up with a bottom as round as the full moon.


Coco Patchouli (FR)

Mixing the sensuality and elegance of the early 20th century ladies with a touch of quirky humour, this little french BonBon will take you to an imaginary fancy Burlesque Universe. Trained as a actress and singer, the stage is her playground. Just one look at her and you will fall in love!


Red Juliette (PL)

Known as the best dancer of Polish Burlesque and winner of the International Newbie Crown at "World Burlesque Games" 2014 & "London Burlesque Festival" 2016 headliner. She loves stylistic diversity: from hot exotica to romantic art noveau, she's always ready to steal your hearts.


Victoria Romanova (NL)

She has the class of a real showgirl and is the sensuality in person. Victoria is focussing on what has fascinated her for years, the classic Burlesque Striptease.
She takes the audience to the exciting 1930’s, the time of Burlesque, jazz, champagne, cigars, mafia and Vaudeville.


LouLou Lipstick (BE)

Energetic and dynamic are the right words to describe LouLou. She will vavavoom her audiences with a mix of bump'n'grind and classic Burlesque. She is a real cutiepie with a vibrant smile, but don't be fooled because she is hot hot hot! Hotter then hell, will make the devil blush!


Missy Malone (UK)

This heavy fifties inspired bombshell will blow you away with her stunning trademark look and jaw dropping routines. With years of experience and sharing the stage with the international high class of the Burlesque and Cabaret scene, this femme fatale is definetley a must-see!


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La Riva, Londenstraat 52. 2000 Antwerp.


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